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2 inches of heel. Leather covered heel, Adjustable sling,  patent uppers, Adara Sandals for your feet.
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The greatest sandal ever seen!!!! This sophisticated and comfy sandal was given to me as a gift by my mother. I first saw it and loved its style, but after wearing it I got so crazy about it that now I never want to take it off. Life was never so beautiful. After wearing these shoes my life has totally changed. It is my second pair of Sofft and I have planned to buy more of this brand as they have never let me down.

Adara is a sandal that looks very graceful on everyone. No matter a lady wear it or a girl, every one will like it. All the colors look equally attractive and nice. You can wear it any time with out giving it a second thought. I feel so confident after wearing it. All my colleagues and friends love this shoe of mine and many of them have bought it.

It is not only a decant looking shoe but also extremely soft and comfy. I usually wear it for 9 hours during office timings and when I come back from work still my feet feel so soft that I often forget to take these off. It is durable too so I can wear it for as long as I want. I highly recommend this sandal to all the ladies who seek style and comfort together. It is going to fit all your criteria’s. It will always keep your feet dry. Your feet are never going to sweat in these. It’s an awesome shoe no doubt!!!

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